ABOVE: The Star Newspaper Video - MCO Heroes - Local fashion designers help produce PPE

As you will remember, when COVID19 hit hospitals were in urgent need of PPE isolation gowns. Isolation gowns were very important to protect them when dealing with patients or screening patients, so that they don’t contract the virus themselves. However during this early stage of COVID19, there was a massive lack of PPE, and due to it's disposable nature, the demand for PPE did massively outstrip the supply of such protective apparels...some doctors and nurses even started to use garbage bags to protect themselves.  

This is when the Malaysian Official  Designers’ Association (MODA) came in initiated under leadership of its president Melinda Looi a project to supply PPEs for frontliners. Funds will be administered by MODA to buy the fabric to be distributed to  designers and volunteers involved to sew PPE hospital gowns as fast as possible.

Together with MODA, FashionValet did help with the fundraising and IMARET was in charge distributing the over 160,000 PPE to their network of hospitals nationwide. 


ABOVE: Documentary by 'Our Better World': Fashion for Frontliners.