Shadow In The Sun, a theatrical drama that presents the rivalry between two established 16th century queens. The title of the theatrical play came from a poem by Elizabeth I which reflects her uneasy relationship with Mary Queen of Scots during the latter’s 19 years of imprisonment in England. Shadow In The Sun was formulated by the talented Kate O’Mara, a British actress and writer. The play was then brought to life in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia by award-winning director Dato Zahim Albakri.

Melinda Looi was actively involved in Shadow In The Sun as a costume designer, creating both the exquisite dresses for Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots roles. One can see the intricate detailing on the dresses as well as heavy embroidery and the construction of it were similar to how they’d construct it in the 16th century. The dresses for both Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots, played by Susan Lankester and Sarah Shahrum respectively, were created from scratch and the unique beading on it were hand-stitched. Melinda also designed the dress of Elizabeth I with detachable sleeves for quick scene changes.


Watch the three videos above to get a glimpse of how Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots dress was made. David Shaw, a professional hairstylist, also joined in as part of the costume design team. He created the beautiful wigs for the casts as well as styling of the wig used for Shadow In The Sun.

List of crew for Shadow In The Sun:

Directed by Dato’ Zahim Albakri

Produced by Hayley Holle

Costume designer: Melinda Looi

Set designer: Raja Malek

Lighting designer: Amelia Tan

Musical consultant: Dato Ng Kah Ming

Makeup artist: Lisa Yap

Wigs: David Shaw

Stage manager: Pat Gui

All photos and videos above are shot by Muhammad Zameer