by Melinda Looi on April 06, 2020


This fundraiser was initiated by MODA, in partnership with FashionValet and IMARET to help the fashion designing and creative community to buy and sew PPE hospital gowns for our frontliners.
Hospitals are in urgent need of more PPE hospital gowns. PPE hospital gowns are very important to protect them when dealing with patients or screening patients so that they don’t contract the virus themselves. Because it is disposable, our hospitals need many of them. Please help us protect our frontliners!
Malaysian Fashion Designers Association (a non-profit NGO) has initiated a project to supply PPEs for frontliners. Funds will be administered by MODA to buy the fabric to be distributed to designers and volunteers involved to sew PPE hospital gowns as fast as possible.
Together with MODA, FashionValet will help with the fundraising and IMARET will assist the distribution to their network of hospitals.
"The funds raised will be used to buy the hospital gown fabric and other protective gear. Then MODA’s team of designers and volunteers will sew the gowns to be sent to our KKM personnel who need these gowns to protect them so they can do their jobs safely because they too have their own families to think about." – MODA.
"How can we sit tight at home while hospital staff work multiple shifts and overtime to care for infected patients that are increasing in number. Now is the time for us to do something that's bigger than us." - Vivy Yusof - FashionValet